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Are you ready to unearth your own personal treasures?

I work online and in person. Book a session today and we can begin this exploration together.

Eyes Closed


Therapeutic session

In these exploratory sessions, we take the time to get to know YOU! We always begin with meditation and grounding to shift our state of consciousness so as to open more to the subconscious mind.  We use techniques like probes, breath, Compassionate Inquiry, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Hakomi, somatic movement and embodiment practices to creatively and playfully help us discover our 'stories' and begin to put ourselves into the master storyteller position! We begin to create a new reality for ourselves. These are beautiful sessions in which we connect deeply to our bodies, minds and spirits.


Sessions are roughly 90 mins.

Price: $150 + gst


SomaticBreathwork Journey

Somatic Breathwork

Working one on one (in person or on zoom) is a great way to customize your journey and target specific areas of concern.  We start with a detailed intake form, begin our session with some personal exploration and then move into our breathwork journey.  At the end of the journey, there will be time for some integration, questions and possibly some tools or explorations to take home.  Each full session is roughly 2 hours.


1 Session:  $200 + gst

Please note that there is always a sliding scale available if needed.  I'm happy to make it work!

Reiki Therapy

Energy Healing

Engery Healing

In these 1 hour sessions, your job is to simply be as we connect to the healing energy (aka Reiki) of the universe and consciously direct it to you.  This is a beautiful form of self-care and can accelerate the healing process (whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.)  Sessions may often include crystals, meditation, essential oils and a short tarot reading (if desired).

Sessions are 60 mins.

Price: $135 + gst

Yoga Session

Guest Teacher

Adding extra value to your events!

Are you creating an event and would like to add to it with an extra special workshop or themed session?

I'm happy to work with you to help create that cherry on the cake experience for your peeps to make your retreat/workshop/event the best it can be. Let's chat!

P.S.  I love collaboration!

Female Lecturer

we're feeling the love

Jodi has an amazing ability to create and hold space for breathwork clients.  She made me feel comfortable and safe enough to dive into raw material and emotions.  She met me where I was at, validated my feelings and was intuitive and responsive to what I needed in the moment.  I would highly recommend Jodi as a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator and I am very much looking forward to booking with her again soon!

- Deanne N. -

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